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  • Hambleton Hall, HAMBLETON, Rutland

    'It remains an all-time favourite. The location, rooms and service are faultless.' Praise in 2013 for Tim and Stefa Hart's luxury hotel on a peninsula jutting into Rutland Water. Another comment: 'The


  • Beech House & Olive Branch, CLIPSHAM, Rutland

    The atmosphere is 'beautifully cosy' in this relaxed pub/restaurant in a pretty Rutland village. The owners, Sean Hope (the chef) and Ben Jones, have given it a rustic look with stained beams, warm


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    Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant, UPPINGHAM, Rutland

    'A lovely place in the oldest part of a delightful town', Richard and Janine Burton's small hotel/restaurant is named after the poem by WB Yeats. It is upgraded to a full entry thanks to an