GHG Postbag – Fawlty Towers – March

‘The host’s over-the-top descriptions of the dinner verged on the ludicrous and make a prolonged theatrical act. Other guests raised their eyebrows or were speechless. One of them walked out, too weary to wait for his pudding.’

‘It was obvious that no one from management had slept in the room. Huge walk-in shower but no shaver point in the bathroom. The only 13 amp power points were behind the bedside chests – the rest of the room had an abundance of 5 amp points which are no good for chargers, lap top or hairdryer. The bedside lamps were outsize and looked amazing but left no room on the chests for a book, glasses etc. The light shone right in our eyes as there was no dimmer switch. The only other lighting was inset in the ceiling directly above the bed The built-in wardrobe was not deep enough for a coat hanger so the rail hung from back to front. We spent much of the time shuffling the doors from one side to the other. There was no full-length mirror.’

‘We are just back from two inspection visits. Hotel One: Approach via a long, potholed drive, very tired outside paintwork and scruffy steps. But, inside very nearly full marks: a delightful, friendly and very comfortable hotel. Hotel Two: The wonderful location and smart building may make people think all is great. It wasn’t! Much so-called style and very little real knowledge about what makes a good hotel! It just goes to show: ‘”Don’t judge a book by its cover.”