GHG Postbag – Fawlty Towers – February

‘This is a hotel that could do so much better. If the proprietor spent one night in each room and relinquished his ‘front of house’ duties,  then many of the deficiencies might come to light. The water that runs from the basin because the pop-up plug won’t stay down. The soap dish in the shower cubicle that is hanging off the wall. The built in wardrobe where it is too dark to see and there is an assortment of hangers with several broken. The light switch on the wall that doesn’t do anything. The list could go on. The evening meal was a disappointment too. Besides being charged twice for the same meal (corrected after being pointed out), the beef in the hotpot was undercooked and rubbery. At breakfast we were welcomed by the proprietor with a curt “Tea or coffee” rather than a cheery “Good morning”. This attitude seems to epitomise the lacklustre effort to be a top-notch hotel. A shame because it could be a gem.’

‘One senses a very strong personality behind the operation of this hotel. This manifests itself positively in the firm standard of housekeeping, but negatively in the many small notices advising guests how to conduct themselves. One feels one might be in a seaside boarding house of the 1950s, although the admonitions are more elegantly printed and expressed.’

‘Stayed at a newish hotel–very swish. Room at £280 B&B not worth that money, though well furnished. But it had one of my absolute hatreds – the bath in the bedroom. Can’t see the point, indeed, I think neither will hoteliers with time, when the steam soaks and rots the bedroom furnishings, smoke alarms are set off and people complain about being seen naked through the window! The sooner common sense prevails the better. What about rooms being shared by those who are not married/co-habiting? Ridiculous!’