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  • Bleibtreu Hotel, Berlin

    In the Charlottenburg district, this ‘funky’ designer hotel is run with an emphasis on healthy living. Eco-friendly materials have been used throughout (organic paint, etc), and there is a


  • Hotel Jurine, Berlin

    This three-star B&B hotel opened in 1997 and has since doubled in size, but it is still ‘welcoming and quiet’, says its nominator. The buffet breakfast is ‘unusually good: eggs


  • Ringhotel Seehof, Berlin

    Located in Charlottenburg, near the conference centre, is this ‘excellent’ hotel, ‘civilised, peaceful’, wrote one reviewer; the atmosphere is quite smart and formal, with


  • Burghotel Auf Schönburg, Oberwesel, Rhineland

    Romantically set above the Rhine (stunning views), this medieval castle is reached by ‘quite a walk up, on cobblestones’ (luggage follows by tractor). Outwardly severe, it is cosy inside,


  • Hotel Meder: die Residenz am Rhein , ANDERNACH, Rhineland

    ‘Pleasant, friendly and well appointed’, and ‘excellent value for money’, this neat town house (c. 1900) is an upmarket B&B hotel, yellow-painted and fronted by flowery


  • art'otel Berlin Mitte, Berlin

    ‘Comfortable, minimalist and elegant,’ say its fans. This hotel was built by the Austrian architect Johanne Nalbach in the lively Berlin-Mitte area. It is filled with original pictures by


  • Buchholz Downtown Hotel, Cologne, Rhineland

    In the city centre, this listed building with its attractive Victorian facade is one of Cologne's most charming town house hotels. The hotel provides a quiet retreat away from the urban rush, situated


  • Circus Hotel, Berlin

    The location of this hotel is great - opposite the Rosenthaler Platz, a transport hub, and on the northern edge of the Mitte district, adjoining the hip Prenzlauer Berg area - and the value for money


  • Berghotel Schlossanger Alp , PFRONTEN, Bavaria

    ‘Particularly enjoyed’, the Schlachter-Ebert family’s modern chalet-style hotel has a ‘spectacular setting’ amid fields, facing ‘a panorama of peaks’, on the


  • Hotel Rubezahl, Schwangau, Bavaria

    ‘We were very satisfied.’ ‘It never lets us down. The owners continually refresh and improve.’ Praise for Erhard and Giselle Thurm’s Alpine hotel. Set back from a