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  • Hotel Bella Tola & St Luc, St-Luc, Valais

    At the entrance of this village in the beautiful Val d’Annivers, Anne-Françoise and Claude Buchs-Favre’s large white, blue-shuttered hotel dates from 1859. It has fine views of


  • Hotel Alpenrose , WENGEN, Jungfrau

    ‘A model of a friendly small hotel,’ say visitors. Owned by the von Allmen family, it has a ‘wonderful position’ in the lower part of the village. Others wrote:


  • Hotel Metropol and Spa, Zermatt, Valais

    ‘Ten wonderful days. My favourite hotel anywhere,’ wrote a devotee who celebrated his 80th birthday at Franziska and Gabriel Taugwalder’s chalet hotel. ‘A very friendly,


  • Hotel Belvedere, Grindelwald , Bern

    In the beautiful Jungfrau region of the Bernese Oberland, this classic hotel was built by the Hauser family in 1904. Silvia and Urs Hauser are now the ‘hands-on’ proprietors; they and