Fawlty Towers – May 2019

‘I visited mid-week, and the hotel was thronging with what looked like business visitors. On each evening the diners were mostly businessmen holding forth and the rest were timid-looking elderly couples eating in silence. There were very few people in the dimly lit bar, and I went in there just the once, anxious not to have to spend too long in the company of a man on his laptop and the sullen barman. The staff at reception were friendly and helpful but the staff in the restaurant were almost as sullen as the barman. I have rarely dined in a hotel so lacking in atmosphere.’

‘We had booked Dinner, B&B but arrived a bit late, to be told last orders are at 8.30. Eventually they agree d to feed us, but without the starter. We were miffed when we noticed a couple who can’t have arrived much before us tucking in to their starters.’

‘A large oval mirror was on one wall of our bedroom, and on the wall near the front door there is a fire extinguisher (good) Underneath was a “break glass” box which flashed constantly. At night the flashing was reflected from the mirror so all night two flashes were going – felt rather as if we were in a fairground.’

‘Against the opposite wall was a tall shelf and cupboard unit. A huge TV at the top level meant you had to lie on the bed to watch anything. Hopefully you would have a “techie” with you to operate the two “remotes”!! with their complicated instructions.’