Fawlty Towers – October 2019

‘Dinner was not good. I had turbot as my main course. Including a small dish of broccoli overcooked and limp. The cost at nearly £26 was the equivalent to London prices, and for that all I had was a tiny piece of fish. Complaints had no effect. Perhaps the chef was having a night off. The waitress was clearly inexperienced and had to ask the kitchen what the vegetable was.’

‘Our room had a large, comfortable bed, two armchairs and an interesting collection of elderly furniture but few usable drawers and a motley collection of mainly plastic hangers. It was not enhanced by the bathroom. A large iron bath on legs on a shallow platform was not easy to enter or to empty, and the elderly overhead shower in a plastic cubicle proved impossible to control the temperature of the resulting deluge. The large lounge with a log fire had masses of comfy sofas but could have done with a re-arrangement of the table lamps to give some more pools of lighting nearer the sofas for those of us who like to read before dinner.’

‘We had booked for one night B & B for £240. The choice for dining in the dining room was three courses for £75 or the tasting menu for £99. You could also eat a lighter meal in the two lounges from a bar menu which was also expensive. These rooms were lacking any sort of atmosphere, and the tables were at knee height. Someone had updated the look by putting in two zebra patterned armchairs which were so incongruous it was laughable. Nothing classy or chic or even shabby.’

‘After our “canteen” type breakfast we noticed that some people were eating in the conservatory. On remarking on this we were informed that this a privilege for guests in de-luxe rooms only. That was a new one on me.’