Fawlty Towers – November 2017

‘A beautifully situated hotel but service seriously lacking in certain areas – especially the restaurant where the food was very disappointing. Giggling staff talking with each other and ignoring customers did not impress.’

‘The bedroom was small and cluttered. The bed was up against the wall. It was small and had a lumpy mattress. Neither of us slept much. The lumpy bed moved each time one of us did. When visiting the private bathroom across the landing had you had to remember to take the bedroom key. We decided to leave after one night. We packed and left without breakfast; staff did not demur or ask questions.’

‘There was a lot to like about this hotel but two things detracted from our pleasure. One was the intrusive and shrill background music. Mentioning this to a member of the staff member drew the reply: ‘Some people like it and some don’t .’ The other drawback was the complete lack of any personal contact. The staff were efficient, brisk and business-like: but we think a hotel needs someone who will smile at the guests.’