Why our special offers are so special

The words special offer are now bandied about so much it’s hard to know when you’re actually getting a bargain. But at the Good Hotel Guide we’re certain that the privileges you enjoy by booking a hotel featured in our special offer section really present a good deal.

For a start,we know our hotels are special. All our hotels are independently reviewed – no money changes hands – so if a hotel has made it into out guide then the service will be top notch, food will be excellent and you’ll have a night – or more – to remember.

And secondly, we know we are offering savings. We are in touch constantly and directly with our hoteliers so we have the latest deals possible featured on this site.

Deals include lower rates, free breakfast, special mid-week breaks, inclusive afternoon teas, free entry to local attractions, a wine tasting tour – the deals are as diverse as our hotels are so you can choose the one perfect for your needs.

All our special deals are on this page of our website or regional deals are:

And if you’re looking for a great deal, simply buy the Guide, and you’ll receive six vouchers for 25% off selected hotels. You can order a guide here.