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Hotels in Germany

Burghotel Auf Schönburg

Burghotel Auf Schönburg


Romantically set above the Rhine (stunning views), this medieval castle is reached by ‘quite a walk up, on cobblestones’ (luggage follows by tractor).
Hotel Meder: die Residenz am Rhein

Hotel Meder: die Residenz am Rhein


‘Pleasant, friendly and well appointed’, and ‘excellent value for money’, this neat town house (c. 1900) is an upmarket B&B hotel, yellow-painted and fronted by flowery window boxes.

Hotels in Germany

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We are delighted to announce that we are going to start recommending hotels in Germany once again. We have begun by putting up a selection of our favourite hotels in Berlin along with a couple of places in Cologne and the Rhineland, but further recommendations in other cities will follow.

We hope readers will nominate their favourite hotels in Germany too that we can gradually expand our selection.

Please do help us get this exciting project off the ground. The more help and feedback we get from you our readers, the more reliable and comprehensive our selection of hotels will be.

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