Fawlty Towers – October 2017

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‘Bathrooms here are modern and minimalist. We do not mind this but cannot understand why in a large bathroom there is nowhere to put one’s spongebag, nor any place for soap or bath gel in the bath. There are flip plugs in the basin – contact lens wearers beware.’

‘The room was large. Its bathroom was well lit. But the lighting in the bedroom was inadequate. There were the two bedside lamps, but only one small desk lamp in the rest of the room, so the sofa and wardrobe areas were dark once the sun went down. It was impossible to read while sitting on the sofa, and not good for getting items out of the wardrobe or looking in the full-length mirror. I mention this when asked if I liked the room, and the person I spoke to said perhaps it needed more lamps. Perhaps it did, but nothing came during the next couple of days. Since they were not full, I thought they might have made the effort to move in a lamp from one of the other bedrooms or even one of the many in the public rooms.’

‘When they say the bathrooms are small, they mean tiny. When I sat on the toilet I was pressed up against the tub. When I used the shower/tub, water got all over the toilet and floor. The sink stopper did not work when we arrived and could not be repaired that day although it was on the following day. On the second day we returned late only to discover that we had no towels in our bathroom. While this was promptly rectified, it was disconcerting.’