London's arts, culture, rich heritage and spectacular range of restaurants are all part of its great appeal for holiday makers. It's a pleasure to experience it in summer with all its festivals and markets or in the winter when the shops are filled with festive cheer and the theatres glow from within. Boutique hotels and historic luxury From the smallest boutique hotel, to the largest of well established institutions, hotels in London have earned a reputation across the centuries for their stylish hospitality and sense of grandeur. From the eclectic hub of Soho to the elegant heights of Chelsea, Notting Hill's bijoux style to the buzz of Covent Garden, London has a little bit of everything when it comes to hotels and travel. The likes of Artist Residence are spectacular examples of London's living and breathing sense of art and culture, a jewel in the city and a comparatively new addition to the scene. Alternatively, longstanding stalwarts of the hotel institution such as The Capital Hotel are a reminder of traditional values complimented by contemporary renovations and additions. The location of Dukes is enviable, in close proximity to St James's Palace, and is amongst the best places for a cocktail in London. Meanwhile, the likes of Ham Yard Hotel herald the city as the home of some of the great designers in the world who turn travel and leisure into a luxurious art form. Setting the scene for special occasions and weddings as well as weekend getaways, London offers visitors something that few other places in the world achieve - a sense of past, present and future, all done with impeccably good taste. If you're in the mood to explore outside, check out our recommendations for hotels within two hours of London.