London hotels with pools

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London hotels with pools

From spa hotels in a buzzing city to intimate spa hotels

From rooftop pools with a view of the city to intimate spas with a hydro pool to relax in, a swimming pool at a hotel in London is the cherry on top of a luxury experience, adding relaxation into a break in an otherwise buzzing city.

In any other part of the country, a swimming pool at a hotel would be a place for lengthy swims, maybe a little exercise, and perhaps accompanied by a view of the sea or a rural vista – all of which is so very much a part of enjoying the experience.  Who, for example, could turn down the opportunity to enjoy the glass-framed pool at eco spa hotel The Scarlet in Cornwall, or the options at Thurlestone Hotel in Devon where there are both indoor and outdoor pools, the latter with the most spectacular sea views.

In London, a pool conjures the idea of ultimate luxury – space is at a premium and this is a sign of opulence.  Perhaps a glass of champagne or cocktails by the water’s edge is in order, or afternoon tea following an afternoon of facials and a soak in a bubbling Jacuzzi.  The result is an experience that oozes elegance and romance, providing a beautiful space from which to explore all the wonderful things that the city has to offer – theatre, art, music and of course superb food – there is certainly no shortage of hotels with a reputation for culinary excellence in London.

What the hotels in London also have in abundance is superb style.  From the eclectic to the sophisticated, this hub of fashion, history and culture showcases its diversity of character through its hospitality and the range of beautifully designed hotels it has to offer, so with the opportunity to unwind as well, it is a winning combination.


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Headlam Hall in snow

Headlam Hall, Darlington

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Last updated: October 15, 2021