GHG Postbag – October 2020

The Guide’s views on TripAdvisor are not shared by all its readers or indeed by all its hotels:

‘Oh please, give it a rest. Anyone who is capable of using TripAdvisor knows to read between the lines. If you are not intelligent enough to spot the fake reviews or make an educated comparison with other reviews Then you deserve what you get. You insult your readers with this drivel.’

‘Although I understand that this view is out there – I feel it is misjudged and outdated. TripAdvisor reviews plus booking engines and their reviews have been a key factor in raising standards in the UK at what has been an extraordinary rate over the last 10 years. Of course, it has its problems like everything else and we get the odd wannabee hotel inspector who infuriates us but overall I recognise 95% of the negative comments I get as being legitimate and it gives me the kick up the ass every time I read feedback that I haven’t sorted out yet. It also means that no venue can rest on its laurels because if someone mentions that Room 5 has dodgy plumbing or the paint is coming off the wall, you can be sure that hoteliers up and down the country are on it in a flash if they have any sense. My team and I use it as an invaluable tool and we are big and ugly enough to ignore the odd person with an axe to grind or ant to leave a malicious review – it the vast majority of cases we have found it easy to get these removed anyway.’

‘I think you will find that TripAdvisor is the number one referral website for most hotels up and down the country – well those that do well on there anyway. Triapdvisor/Social Media reviews are here to stay and I think we all better just get used to it and make sure our venues do meet our customer expectations.’