GHG Postbag – February 2021

‘What do you think should be the British Government’s top five economic policies for the tourism and hospitality sector to survive this catastrophe?’ Anna Tatton

1. Reduce Vat on hospitality to 5%
2. Take the responsibility for tourism from the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport and give it to the Department of Business
3. Extend the furlough scheme for hospitality until next year
4. Have a training programme for the industry financed by a compulsory levy
5. As soon as Covid dies down, launch a world-wide advertising tourism campaign setting out the attractions of holidaying in the UK financed by 10% of the tax receipts from hospitality. Adam Raphael

‘Thanks for your quick response. Sound like very modest requests to me. Are you working with other sectors to help colleagues keep afloat? Are you optimistic some of these measures might be adopted by the government?’ Anna Tatton

‘Glad you think they are modest. The government wouldn’t think so, and the prospects of any of them being adopted by the current set of ministers are remote.’ Adam Raphael