GHG Postbag – January 2020

‘Thank you for striking a blow at the duvet partisans. Last year my wife and I spent 2 nights at The Douglas Hotel on Arran prior to a longer holiday around the Inner Hebrides. On requesting that they replace our duvet with sheets and blankets, the receptionist replied “what’s a blanket?”.

‘I thought that your comments on duvets were very apposite to our GHG visit to La Fleur de Lys last week. The staff were excellent and the food outstanding. Our only gripe was the bedroom. So hot that sleeping was difficult but impossible to turn off the radiator and very difficult to open the window’s secondary double glazing. The lovely proprietress Mary was sympathetic but as she said “you cannot please all of the people all of the time”. However, we give full marks to this wonderful restaurant (with rooms).’

‘I agree entirely about duvets. A ghastly innovation – except that they are not really new. I first came across them in 1966 in Austria, and then again in subsequent years in Germany, where they have long been common, suited to their cold winters, I suppose. Duvets then somehow spread to the USA  – again,  a land of often savage winters – and have now swamped Britain and even, absurdly, some Mediterranean countries, where they are far too hot . I always travel with a sheet in my bag these days.’

‘The only area that could be improved was the choice of bedding! I do yearn for good wool blankets that can be peeled off to suit the temperature – increasingly hotels rely on the same weight of duvet throughout the year, fine in winter but not on an airless summer night where the only choice is in our out!’

Last word to the GHG: ‘Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Too few hotel keepers sleep in all their bedrooms as George Goring did. Perhaps that is why the Goring is still going strong after being in the same family ownership for five generations.’