Set-jet to the historic homes of Wolf Hall

© Giles Keyte Ed Miller

© Giles Keyte Ed Miller

If you’re a Wolf Hall fan – read the books, watching the TV drama – then you could see the film locations in real life and stay at a hotel which even the picky Henry VIII could not fault.

The National Trust is preparing for 25% more tourists to their properties after the popularity of the BBC drama, which was filmed at six NT locations.

The trust has prepared a map for set-jetters – people visiting movie locations – who want to see where scenes from the adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s novels were filmed.

The six-part drama, starring Mark Rylance and Claire Foy, charts the meteoric rise of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s closest advisor.

Filming took place  in six National Trust properties in South West England – five are open to the public.

Visit them and stay in a Good Hotel Guide hotel for a truly regal trip

1.    Montacute House, Somerset
Montacute represents Greenwich Palace, Henry VIII’s main London seat and the site of Anne Boleyn’s arrest, in Wolf Hall. The Elizabethan mansion’s extensive grounds provided a spectacular backdrop to jousting sequences and hosted the dazzling Royal Tent. 

2. Barrington Court, Somerset
Free from collections and furniture, the spacious interiors of Barrington Court were dressed for Wolf Hall as York Place/Whitehall, the home of Cromwell’s mentor and friend Cardinal Wolsey. Saved from ruin and restored by the Lyle family in the 1920s, the Tudor manor house features the Long Gallery which is 40 paces long.

3. Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire
Lacock Abbey’s exteriors represent Wolf Hall, the Seymour family seat, in the TV series while the medieval cloisters were used to depict its interiors. It has previously appeared in Cranford, The Other Boleyn Girl and the Harry Potter films.

4. Chastleton House, Oxfordshire

© Megan Taylor

© Megan Taylor

Chastleton’s small stone courtyard provided the location for the dramatic scenes from Cromwell’s miserable childhood in Putney in Wolf Hall, while interiors represent Wolf Hall itself, the Seymour family seat.

5. Great Chalfield Manor and Garden, Wiltshire

For Wolf Hall the interiors of Great Chalfield Manor stood in for Austin Friars, Thomas Cromwell’s home, a happy place teeming with in-laws and wards, nieces and nephews and painters.

6. Horton Court, Gloucestershire
Horton Court also doubled up as Austin Friars, Cromwell’s adult home, for Wolf Hall. The 16th century manor house in the southern Cotswolds was built from the remains of a Norman hall. Please note Horton Court is not open to the public.