Bath is known for many things; for its spas, its architecture, its history and its culture, but chief amongst them all is its beauty. This city which was founded upon healing spring water, today offers its visitors so many wonderful things, including some of the most enchanting spa hotels in the UK. Here, spas combine that history, architecture and intrinsic sense of wellbeing, but it also brings to the experience all those other beautiful parts of a luxury escape. Good food, time to yourself, time with a loved one, shopping or simply time for coffee - it's all in this elegant corner of the South West. Stay in hotels in townhouses on iconic honey coloured crescents. Enjoy a glass of Champagne in a holistic spa garden. Experience spa treatments from luxurious brands such as Elemental Herbology, and lounge in relaxation pools, salt-infused saunas and blossom steam rooms. Visit for romantic weekends or mini breaks with friends, enjoy time to yourself or celebrate special occasions. These are just some of the experiences you will find at the best spa hotels in Bath.