London is famous for many things, including its hospitality, which range from historic and grand to contemporary and quirky. Amongst its exquisite array of experiences are the wellbeing and pampering offerings of some of the most innovative and exciting spas in the UK. Amongst the elegance of Mayfair, travellers delight in luxurious spa experiences that include calm white-marble Art Deco surroundings at one decadent hotel, complete with a sauna and plunge pool to help you prepare mind and body for a collection of indulgent spa treatments. Head to Soho and you will be treated to wellbeing from one of the leading hoteliers in the country, complete with space to relax or workout, exceptional design and treatments using an organic product line. For those who prefer the buzz of theatreland, a trip to Haymarket is a chance to enjoy vintage furnishings, a sense of stylistic fun and a lifestyle concept based upon the fusion of product, philosophy and spa. All this and more at London's top spa hotels.