From haggis to fish 'n' chips, Scottish porridge with a dash of whisky, Cranachan, seafood, Cullen skink and so much more, Scotland has a wealth of culinary traditions that all add to the experience when travelling in this delicious corner of the world.

Across the country, from the Highlands to the coast, cities to countryside, the dramatic beauty of Scotland is abundant and always apparent, underscored by the warm hospitality and rich culture of its proud population. It's perhaps in the nation's top gastro pubs with rooms that foodie tradition and hospitality are displayed at their finest.

From the beach at Elie to historic hospitality at Loch Ness, the nature-lover’s paradise that’s the Isle of Coll to the Hebrides and hillsides, enjoy elegant experiences, spectacular views and second-to-none warm welcomes at Scotland’s hotels.