We are not currently selling new Good Hotel Guide gift vouchers. However, if you have a Gift Voucher, we are redeeming them. A Good Hotel Guide gift voucher allows the recipient to stay at any of the Guide’s 650 UK/Ireland selected hotels at the time of their choosing. The Guide takes no commission and makes no charge of any kind to either the guest or the hotel.

The voucher recipient should negotiate the details and times of their stay directly with the hotel or B&B that they have chosen from the Guide. The vouchers are not valid with third party booking agents, only directly with hotels. When the voucher recipient has made their reservation, they should email us. This will allow us time to alert their chosen place that the voucher recipient will be using a gift voucher, to pay the hotel the total value of the voucher, and to ensure that they are given a warm welcome. Please note that once the Guide has sent the value of the voucher to the hotel, it is up to the voucher recipient to discuss with the hotel any underspend.

If you or the recipient have any questions about the gift voucher, contact: richard@goodhotelguide.com.