History, architecture and hedonismCreative, bohemian, affordable, yet rich in history, architecture and culture… Berlin can keep a visitor happily busy for days. Museum Island hosts five world-class museums, for starters. Neoclassical buildings stand side by side with those from the 21st century, and sometimes both are combined: the Reichstag, opened in 1894, was renovated in 1999 and now features a huge glass dome as a gesture to its original cupola. The decades when the city was divided into east and west can be explored by visiting a restored section of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, and the DDR Museum gives a thorough insight into life in East Germany. The Jüdisches Museum explores two millennia of Jewish German history. Culture and history aside, Berlin has forests, lakes and parks, a fantastic zoo, and a famous nightlife scene from which many dance music genres have emerged.