Luxurious country house hotels and exceptional swimming pools! Close to the French coast, Guernsey is on of the Channel Islands, and with its unique location comes a culture and experience all of its own. Known for its beach resorts as well as its own unique history, ranking from its 13th century fort to its lavish aristocratic roots including the former home of French writer, Victor Hugo, it is a rich holiday destination that continues to inspire creativity in artists, writers and film makers today. Arrive by ferry or flight from the UK, and you can swiftly find yourself absorbed into the way of life are. Superb food served in spectacular locations, and an undeniably outdoorsy lifestyle that includes kayaking, coasteering, sailing and swimming. For those interested in outdoor activities, look for yoga on the beach, or for nature lovers take a trip to spot seals and puffins along the rugged coastline. For those who are really looking to indulge their spirit of adventure, you can even take your chances at flying as an alternative way to view this beautiful Bailiwick. One thing is for sure, in Guernsey everything may feel laid back, but it is done with exceptional style and good taste. At its hotels this is abundantly clear - there is a sense of old world grandeur amongst the modern hospitality. The White House encapsulates this perfectly - on its own tiny car free island off Guernsey itself, the former country house is surrounded by palm trees and offers guests beaches, luxurious family accommodation and exceptional gardens complete with croquet, a pool and afternoon tea. Equally, La Collinette Hotel is an utterly romantic escape in a Georgian mansion surrounded by sculpted plants and gardens. It is unpretentious but elegant, and is one of the island's most beautiful hotels with a pool. Evenings are blessed with local seafood in the restaurant, and for those looking to explore, you can island hop to Sark and Herm from the nearby port as well!