Jersey hotels with pools

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Jersey hotels with pools

Jersey hotels with pools: infinity pools with sea views to luxury indoor pools

Jersey, like all the Channel Islands, is the place to go to when you want to travel to somewhere luxurious, feel a million miles away, but not have to suffer the trials of long haul travel.

This beautiful island, with its elegant and easy going culture, is all about enjoying the finer things in life. Its climate is balmier, its views are impeccable and when it comes to hotels, the style, sophistication and customer service is unparalleled.

One might call it the ultimate in leisure destinations, where, in addition to history, wildlife and local culture to explore, there’s also plenty of opportunity to relax and unwind. The island is shaped by the sea and is beholden to the tide, but for those who don’t fancy a dip in the cool waters, swimming in a luxury pool whilst taking in the view is most definitely the way to relax.

Take, for example, The Atlantic Hotel at St Brelade. Close to the La More golf course as well as five miles of sandy beaches, what this exceptional hotel doesn’t know about travel and leisure simply isn’t worth knowing. Not only does its health club have a superb indoor swimming pool, coupled with a deck, spa pool, mini gymnasium and saunas, but it also has a charming outdoor pool as well. Located not far from the tennis court, since you asked.

Then again, you really can’t go wrong with a visit to La Haule Manor. Right on St Aubin’s Bay, the hotel offers both catered and self catered accommodation. In its beautiful gardens with that ever-present sea view however, one of the real highlights is the 15-metre outdoor pool, heated from April to October and surrounded by loungers. Take a good book and the experience is complete.


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Last updated: June 15, 2019