Scenic walks and romantic country house hotels in Scotland From the dramatic vistas of the Highlands to the character of the Borders and the awe-inspiring natural landscapes of the coast, Scotland is brimming with historic tales of romance and fairytales across the centuries thanks to its ruggedness and beauty. Scotland's hotels also play a part in its modern day romance. Nestled into beautiful spots surrounded by forests and wild flowers where love blooms with the spring on scenic walks and hikes across wild and sweeping vistas. Equally, the rich culture of cities and villages is tantalising and seductive in its warmth and character, showcasing a tradition for good food and better drink that has been perfected over the centuries whether you happen to be enjoying time in Edinburgh, Glasgow or out on the Isle of Skye. Where the Italians may have a monopoly on gentility and the French have a talent for sweet talking, Scotland's romance is echoed through a long line of poets and writers who fell in love with the breathtaking magnitude of the area's wildlife. While a holiday fishing may not sound like a traditional recipe for romance, it is hard not to let these natural surroundings do the talking, even if it is with a large salmon in tow. Then again, on a more refined scale, Scotland is home to some spectacular architecture, spas and excellent chefs. The likes of The Witchery by the Castle or Ardanaiseig have reputations not merely for places to bewitch your other half, but also as awe-inspiring hotel wedding venues bringing style and eccentricity to the occasion that the whole family and all guests can enjoy.