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Why The Good Hotel Guide Remains One Of Our Trusted Travel Companions

‘ The leading independent guide to hotels over the past 40 years, the Good Hotel Guide has won more praise than any other hotel guide on the market. Whether your taste runs to luxury castles or simple B&Bs, this trusted and reliable guide has the answer.’ Daily Telegraph.

‘When the Good Hotel Guide is at its best you get the total package: not just good hotel-keeping, but a sensational location too’. The Sunday Times

‘The one guide that offers a sense of what a place is really like.’ The Mail on Sunday.

‘It’s been the bible for hotel recommendations for decades, and this year’s edition of The Good Hotel Guide is just out. As always, it lists the best hotels, as recommended by the guide’s dedicated inspectors and members of the public.’ The Sun

‘An unbiased and independent way to find the perfect place to suit your holidays needs.’ Britain Magazine,

‘For unbiased informative views on good places to stay in Great Britain and Ireland, it’s hard to beat the Good Hotel Guide.’ Choice Magazine, Jan 2017.

‘The Guide has proved indispensable to countless travellers. Devoid of the large, corporate, soulless hotels it champions the independent hotelier and smaller chains.’ Custard Magazine. Dec 2016.

Anyone travelling around Britain and Ireland should have the Guide in their glove compartment. Completely independent, hotels can only be featured in the book through merit. Countryside Magazine.

‘I’ve just received the latest copy of the Good Hotel Guide and I want to congratulate you on a superb book. Best ever, in my opinion. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it very well. Fiona Duncan, Hotel Guru columnist, Sunday Telegraph.

‘The clear leader in recommending hotels of quality and character while not accepting payment for inclusion or free hospitality.’ Daily Telegraph

‘Where other hotel inspectors count trouser presses, the GHG rates a place on the things that really matter, such as character, hospitality and good food.’ Sunday Times

‘For three decades, the Good Hotel Guide has been one of the most authoritative sources of good places to stay in the UK and Ireland.’ Daily Mail

‘Perfect whether you want to fling yourself across crevasses or slump in a spa, Your Wedding

‘Britain’s leading independent hotel guidebook.’ The Times

‘The Good Hotel Guide is a champion of independent, often idiosyncratic places…each year it honours 10 properties that it feels are outstanding.’ The Sunday Times

‘The leading guide to British and Irish hotels of quality and character…The GHG is unique –written with wit and evocative style…The perfect guide for people who care about where they stay.’ The American

‘The Good Hotel Guide is a good source of high-quality family-friendly hotels,’ Daily Telegraph

‘Most of the commercial hotel guidebooks (even those published by the AA and RAC) actually charge hotels for entries and (Johansen’s guide charge hotels up to L2,500 for entries)–they are never objective and we wouldn’t trust them as far as we could throw them. The only guidebook that we can wholeheartedly recommend is The Good Hotel Guide.’ The London Guide

‘The-Good Hotel Guide has high ethical standards-it pays its way and unlike other guides, does not charge hotels to be included.’ The Mail on Sunday

‘Squeaky clean advice. No 1 of the guides that takes no freebies.’ The Guardian.

‘An independent guide and entertaining to boot.’ Radio Times

‘The impartial authority on Britain’s independent hotels.’ The Sunday Times

‘The Good Hotel Guide costs £18 if you buy online, including p&p, and is one of the most reliable and independent guides for Great Britain and Ireland.’ Daily Telegraph

‘Were I ever to open my own hotel, the accolade that I would relish above all others would be a glowing report in the Good Hotel Guide. Unlike many other publications, the entry would not cost me so much as a bean.’ The Sunday Times.

‘If you want to get good, unbiased advice about places to stay in Great Britain and Ireland, you should get the Good Hotel Guide. No advertising, honest opinions and discount vouchers are included.’ Inside Ireland

‘This impartial guide is a must for anyone who values reliable recommendations for interesting, independently owned, places to stay and eat in Britain and Ireland. Unlike many accommodation guides, the hotels do not pay to be included nor do they provide hospitality to the inspectors.’ Choice Magazine