Scotland has many wonderful attributes; the abundant wildlife, the magical scenery, the tranquil forests and lochs, the dramatic seascapes, the warm hospitality, and of course the exceptional food and drink. This is a corner of the world known for its unique and exceptionally indulgent cuisine. From rich, smoky whiskies to haggis, its national dish, Scotland's food and drink both delights the senses and provokes conversation and debate. Above all else, it makes for the centrepiece in a culture that excels at jovial gatherings and celebrations, whether it's a party of two or 200. Over 100 distilleries in Scotland (many of which you can tour) produce their famous amber-hued national drink. So fond of it are they, that it even makes an extra warming appearance in their porridge from time to time. Then there's the Stornoway Black Pudding, Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop cheese, Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar and Scottish Wild Salmon. Various regional cakes and snacks can be found across the country, including Aberdeenshire butteries and Dundee Cake. They also have a talent for brewing beer and they are responsible for more than half of gin production in the UK, with over 50 producers. With all that to tantalise the tastebuds and satisfy the senses, the region's hotels and restaurants have a wealth of treats to choose from and whisk into their own superb creations. Combining them with their traditionally superb hospitality and spectacular country and city locations, these are some of the many things that make their restaurants-with-rooms so special.