The ultimate romantic cityIt's true that tourists slightly outnumber residents in Venice, so many people choose to visit during the spring and autumn shoulder seasons in order to beat the crowds, or in winter, when the city has been returned to its inhabitants but can be cold and gloomy. The general consensus, however, is that it is better to go in the height of summer than not at all: the buildings lining the canals of this fascinating city may have stood unchanged for over 600 years, but this is not a place lost in the past or resting on its laurels; Venice's art, architecture, music, dance and film festivals are stronger than ever and with plenty of focus on the contemporary. Probably the best thing about Venice is that it's easy to get lost, either by mistake or by design, and just a few streets away from crowded areas such as the Rialto or San Marco are the secret squares, deserted alleyways and romantic bridges that make this city so magical.