In the South West of England, Gloucestershire encompasses the Cotswold Hills, part of the fertile valley of the River Severn, and the entire Forest of Dean. Amongst its chocolate box villages and quaint country pubs, it is a part of the world that's known as a hot spot for celebrity homes and one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Gloucestershire: romantic country house hotels accessible to London Easy to get to from London by road or rail, Gloucestershire is perfectly located for walking and hiking as well as other outdoor pursuits such as fishing or golf, as well as exploring nearby cities - notably Bath and Bristol where are a mere stone's throw away. Cheltenham and Cirencester are key players for visitors to the area, brimming with boutiques, history and a strong sense of hospitality as well as architectural beauty. Food in this part of the world is a glorious affair. With so many spectacular local suppliers within the county and in neighbouring areas such as Devon and Dorset, the area is well known for specialities such as cheese, locally grown fruit, cider, beer, jams, chutneys and even an increasing amount of English wine. Cakes of course remain a favourite, and in true celebratory style, Gloucestershire is a favourite location for weddings, be they festive occasions in winter or blissful summer celebrations that fuse professionalism and a welcoming sense of countryside hospitality. Gloucestershire's history from its Roman roots to the 500 year old Tewkesbury Abbey, remain amongst their finest attractions, while the natural beauty and majestic aura of places including the National Forest Park are not only places to reflect, but have also proven creative inspiration for artists and writers including Tolkien and JK Rowling.