Wiltshire is a beautiful county in south-west England. It is perfect for exploring historic attractions, taking long walks over glorious landscapes or ambling around quaint towns and villages. Head to Stonehenge to see the iconic stones and wonder over their formation. In real life, they have a mystical and awe-inspiring quality. Nearby is Avebury Stone Circle - the largest stone circle in the world. Find out more about England's vast and changing history at Bratton Camp and Westbury White Horse, believed to have been cut to celebrate the victory over the Danes in the Battle of Ethandium in 878AD. Salisbury Cathedral, uniquely linked with Magna Carta, and claiming Britain's tallest spire is perfect for visiting all-year round. For a picture-perfect day out try Lacock Abbey and village, used as a location in TV and film productions of Pride and Prejudice, Cranford Chronicles, Emma and Harry Potter films.