Find a perfect Midlands hotel for your wedding In an area spanning central England, the Midlands have a rich and diverse history dating back to medieval kingdoms and has largely remained the same in geographical terms since then. From Birmingham, its largest city to counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Rutland and more, it cemented its identity in the Industrial Revolution and English Civil War. Parts such as Warwickshire and Leicestershire have been romantically referred to as the Heart of England - not a bad start when you're looking for a wedding location - but the really big thing about the Midlands is there is such a lot of scope for different options and styles when it comes to hotels and weddings. For example, those with their eye on a countryside wedding can look towards the Shropshire Hills, the Pennines, woodland and mountain locations for a scenic backdrop that is utterly breathtaking. Hotels such as Hambleton Hall exemplify the area's illustrious history amongst the nobility with its grand proportions and charming location in Rutland, or perhaps the rose tinted Langar Hall is more your style, complete with its Barbara Cartland room. Alternatively, the area's history comes to life in town locations such as Ledbury in Hereford, where hotels such as The Feathers occupy timber Tudor buildings dating as far back as the 1500s, perfect for more intimate weddings surrounded by cosy original features. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Hart's Hotel in Nottingham is a wonderful example of contemporary design in the midst of a historic city with modern style throughout as it looks out onto a medieval castle.