The best hotels with outdoor swimming pools Travelling to hotels across the UK, we're blessed to have experienced the most exquisite infinity pools with sea views as well as outdoor pools that provide endless entertainment for children. In the summer time, few things beat a splash, however old you are. Whether you're looking for a family friendly hotel, a romantic one, or a spa hotel for health and wellbeing, a swimming pool always adds a new dimension to the leisure experience. Perhaps the most spectacular of pools are at some of the UK's most luxurious hotel spas. Chewton Glen is always at the top of the list for any spa destinations, not to mention also being a haven for those looking for superb fine dining and a beautiful country house hotel location. Here's amidst all their indoor pool and thermal facilities, they offer a secluded outdoor pool as well as other facilities in the grounds such as golf, tennis and picturesque walking trails. Of course some hotels have the added luxury of a superbly interesting history to go with their hospitality. Such is the case with Cliveden House - amongst Berkshire's finest hotels. The Italianate mansion's pool in the walled garden is best known for its role in the Profumo affair, but it is also home to bubbling outdoor hot tubs, while treatments use the estate's own product line and have their own story, named for prominent women of its history including Anna-Maria, for whom Cliveden was originally built as well as perhaps the House's most famous resident, Nancy Astor. While adults can indulge in the peace and tranquility of an outdoor pool, children of course find them to be an endless source of summery entertainment, and the likes of Woolley Grange, part of the Luxury Family Hotel Collection, is a marvellous example of luxury meets family friendly. Amongst a cavalcade of experiences and activities for every member of the family in their 14 acres of grounds, there is also a charming summer outdoor pool. And if the weather isn't so great, you can always see our selection of the best hotels with indoor swimming pools.