Family friendly hotels and luxury spa hotels with indoor pools Whether you're travelling with children and are in need of rainy day entertainment, or you're looking for a spa hotel with an opportunity to exercise and stretch those hard working limbs, hotels with indoor pools are often seen as a prerequisite for holidaymakers in the 21st century. When it comes to really beautiful and unique hotels, particularly where the architecture of old country houses, historic castles or ancient inns are concerned, it's always seems like a juggling act to preserve the historic charm of a building whilst bringing its services into the 21st century, and a pool can be a particularly tricky one to get right, but the ones who manage it do it with wow factor. We are not sure what Louis XVIII would have made of an indoor pool had one existed at Hartwell House during his residence, but the chances are the extra leisurely addition would have been much appreciated after a stroll around the spectacular gardens. Meanwhile at Budock Vean, the idea of swimming in heated style may be too much of a tempting edge for those not wishing to take a dip in the chillier waters of Scotland's sea. At Chewton Glen, it isn't merely a case of having an indoor pool but a complete suite of wet facilities in their spa, which is amongst the many features, including outstanding food and a beautiful location in Hampshire, that makes it stand out amongst the most sophisticated and decadent wellbeing offerings in the country - not unlike Lime Wood or The Scarlet. Alternatively, there are those like Soar Mill Cove who simultaneously offer an environment entirely suited to adults enjoying their down time, but also make for a warm dip on the South West coast when a dip in the sea nearby is just a little too chilly.