World class sommeliers and Michelin star vegetarian restaurants Gastronomy is such an important part of the hotel experience, a joyful part of travel that has so many facets and possibilities for execution that it almost falls into the category of entertainment. It is an opportunity for socialising and cementing the experience of that hotel from the service to the presentation and ultimately the quality of the food. It is a sensory experience that informs your whole appreciation of the place, and frequently the part around which your day is built. Where once vegetarian options were relegated to a corner of the menu, they are fast becoming some of the most popular dishes available. They are proving a new area of opportunity for hotels and chefs to prove their creativity and culinary expertise, particularly as the quality of ingredients and their local and organic credentials become ever important in an over processed world. Thankfully there is a wide range of hotels that shine in this area, giving us the best of the best when distilling them down to a collection. Hambleton Hall is known for its sense of luxury across all areas of hospitality. Set in beautiful grounds, its Michelin starred chef rises to all culinary challenges and is highly praised for his modern dishes. Hotel TerraVina is another culinary joy, although perhaps that should not come as a surprise under the golden ownership of a world-class sommelier and a former hotel inspector. The Whitebrook has a reputation that precedes it of course, the unassuming Monmouthshire restaurant with rooms with another Michelin star chef that uses bounty from the Wye valley including foraged pennywort, hedge bedstraw and nasturtium tubers, all of which make for an exciting menu for any guest.